Founded in 1968, the Department of Industrial Engineering was one of the earliest academic departments to offer a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in Taiwan. In 1996, the department set up graduate programs for regular MS students, and since 1999 has offered a part-time MS degree program. Since 2004 the department has provided a PhD program. In that same year, it was renamed Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management.

The faculty of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management is committed to advancing state-of-the-art knowledge in this discipline and to communicating existing and new subject matter to undergraduate and graduate students. It is also responsible for providing students with a broad education and the opportunity for intellectual development.
The field of industrial engineering and systems management embraces a wide spectrum of activities including work methods, production and facilities planning, quality control, human factors, operations research, enterprise systems, supply chain management and technology management.

Within this framework, the major objectives are as follows:


  • Providing a high quality education that will prepare undergraduate and graduate students for a life-long learning experience in this rapidly changing field, and to serve as future leaders in the industrial engineering profession, in business, in industry, and in academia.
  • Conducting high quality basic and applied research to expand the frontiers of engineering and to support the industrial and economic growth of the nation as a whole.
  • Providing services to the profession, industry and society.


Course duration
  • Undergraduate Degree Program: 4 years full-time
  • Master's Degree Program: 2 years full-time
  • Doctoral Degree Program: 3-7 years full-time
Total Credits
  • Undergraduate Degree Program: 128 Credits
    • Required Courses: 74 +16Credits
    • Elective Courses: 38 Credits
  • Master's Degree Program: 30 Credits
    • Required Courses: 2 Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)
    • Elective Courses: 28 Credits
  • Doctoral Degree Program: 28 Credits
    • Required Courses: 4 Credits (Excluding Doctoral Thesis)
    • Elective Courses: 24 Credits
    • 28 credits (12 Subjects) in English
    • Publish one more EI and one more SCI papers
Start month
Spring Semester: February
Fall Semester: August
FCU College of  Engineering
Course contact
Telephone:+886-4-24517250 ext.3601
  • Production Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Transportation Manager
  • Program Manager( Supply Chain)
  • IEET Accreditation

History and Present Status

The Industrial Engineering and Systems Management Department founded in 1968.
One of the earliest Industrial Engineering Departments in Taiwan.
The department currently offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees of Science.


       To acquire the capability of

       mathematic methodology and professional knowledge to resolve the academic problems of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management.

       analyzing, planning, designing, executing, integrating and managing academic projects independently.

       team-work and effective communication.

       To acquire the thinking of

       understanding  the impacts of engineering technology on human’s living and continuous development. 

       professional ethics, lifelong learning and international perspective.


Ø  Top-notch curriculum, faculty and cooperation

Ø  There are three laboratories operating under the lead of our department faculties.

Ø  Benefits of geographic diversification

Ø  Comparatively lower tuition fee and living cost than other distinguished western universities

Accredited Program

        Our program is accredited by the IEET providing a secure route toward gaining chartered Engineer status.